Next Move is a forward-thinking and influential brand driving transformative change in the real estate landscape. As a visionary entity, we focus on the intersection of exceptional real estate service, experienced and specialized networks of agents, cutting-edge education, consultation, and licensing programs with a global reach. Our steadfast commitment to raising industry standards has positioned Next Move as a leading name in the sector, renowned for delivering first-rate services and cultivating a vibrant community of distinguished real estate professionals.


Not only does Next Move have a robust and experienced roster of Keller Williams Expansion Teams with nationwide coverage, but we also offer a variety of lead generation and referral opportunities to agents who elect to work within our global networks of uniquely qualified realtors: The Private Housing Network, Next Move Military, Next Move Medical, and Next Move Network.


Additionally, Next Move founders – Jordan Stuart and Jason Ross – also focus on Sports and Entertainment real estate as executive leadership of the Keller Williams Community, KW Sports + Entertainment (KWSE).


Our brand portfolio is comprehensive and diverse, consisting of:

At Next Move, we believe in the power of innovation and service excellence. We strive to revolutionize the real estate industry, and our commitment to this goal forms the core of our operations and our identity as a brand. With our wide array of specialized networks and our emphasis on professional growth, we offer unparalleled service and opportunities for all stakeholders in the real estate industry.

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