Brandon Wesley | NKY-Cincinnati, OH

Brandon has been in the Greater Cincinnati area for more than 35 years and has actually LIVED in over 30 different homes while in the area. That’s a lot of moving! Brandon was raised by a family of Real Estate agents and athletes. Through years of studying an explosive and exciting hybrid style of martial art named 8 system MA Brandon is also a former Pro Boxing, Muay Thai and M.M.A. competitor with many successes along the way.
“My fighting spirt shows for my clients when they need it most. I have always believed in protecting others especially against bullies. There is no bigger financial bully than the housing market when do not understand the particulars at each stage of a real estate contract/transaction and I’m blessed to be able to say that I do. I have an abundance of unique local knowledge plus everything else it takes to move property successfully. Whether it be purchasing a home or selling….from your current subdivision or moving in from outside of the U.S. my team and I can help you find the perfect home to live life your way. I have a proven proprietary process to sell homes fast and even in many cases find unlisted homes for buyers in competitive neighborhoods.
My promise to everyone I represent is unmatched service and professional expertise that can only be acquired through time on task. My years in and around the business coupled with my abilities to negotiate like a bulldog to fight for my clients has helped us win for over 1000 families and counting!”