Greg Holland | Dallas, TX

Greg was born and raised just outside of Columbus, Ohio. He played baseball throughout high school and through college. Greg attended Columbus State Community College and The Ohio State University, as well as coached high school baseball for five years after his playing days were over.

Greg moved from Columbus to Phoenix Arizona in 2009 and lived there for three years before relocating to Dallas Texas in 2012. While in Arizona he started working in the mortgage industry in 2011 in the processing/underwriting side of the home loan process and continued in that field until 2016. He is also on the Board of Directors for the 60 feet 6 Derek Holland charity foundation for children’s leukemia which was started in 2014.

Greg can usually be found at the ballpark or on the golf course.

Being in the sports industry as a player and the brother of a current MLB pitcher in his 11th season in the Major Leagues, Greg has a fundamental knowledge of the athlete world and has been able to build relationships with various athletes in different sports. He understands that it’s both an honor and a privilege to work alongside and build relationships all across the game.