Justin Frytz | New Haven, CT

Justin Frytz is an Indiana native who has spent more than 18 years in sales and customer service. He is a serial entrepreneur having owned and operated several successful businesses; he is currently the owner and operator of The Frytz Property Group, a successful real estate sales company in Connecticut with a team of 7 and in continued growth. They are on track for a growth rate of over 150% YoY.

Early in his real estate career, he built a property management/investment company in his hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana. Prior to this, he spent 5 years in brand management for companies like Samsung, Toyota, AT&T, Coca-Cola and more, while also moving into corporate retail managing $60 million in company product categories for a large Retail Tech company.

Justin graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University with a Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics and Business Management, with a minor in Security Intelligence. Upon completion of his education and exposure to the professional and personal life as a pilot, he chose a different path that would give him more freedom in life.

Justin began his entrepreneurial career at a very young age, after building his first business in a modern arcade (Atomic Internet Gaming Café) for online video games popular in the early 2000’s. After college admission, he spent 8 years working in retail stores performing many different roles that really taught him how retail works. He is now building on all of this to start his fourth business in yet another field of business.